Makeup Try–on
The Most Advance Virtual Makeup
The safest and most convenient for makeover! Beauty lovers will get to try real life makeup products virtually thanks to Tryndbuy virtual makeup implementation via mobile or web camera. Customers can do makeup without any hesitation on you online shop. Tryndbuy provides the most accurate color and texture of products.
How it Works
The safest and most convenient try-on for makeover!
step 01
Click Try-on icon, turn on camera
step 02
Select a color of makeup product you would like to virtually try on
step 03
See your new look live! Try as many as makeup you like
Why Tryndbuy Virtual makeup is the best?
Product Features
Tryndbuy virtual makeup integration makes your online store more experiential and preferable. Customer will get to try-on all products for complete makeup looks with realistic color and texture. Customers instantly with live camera can do mix and match any makeup products to do complete makeover. You can provide them more fun and engaging makeup shopping experience by implementing Tryndbuy try-on feature to your e-commerce portal.
Makeup Images
Real color and texture
of lipstick on
your lips.
Makeup Images
Try a range of eye shadow
palettes to find your
favorite eye look.
Makeup Images
Hair Colour
Try on multiple hair
colour range to find the
best colour for you.
Images Images
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